Friday, August 7, 2009

Still Dropping Knowledge

This year we did something we at first thought was cleverly original - we created memory books at the end of the RAPP year for every RAPPer to keep. I later found out this has been done before with at least one RAPP group (and was excited to know that the member still had hers).

I was digging through them today as part of a project I was working on. There are so many great comments on the RAPP experience, the frustrations we faced in the group, the challenges we overcame together, and what we left with. Buried among it was this nugget that I'm still smiling at:

RAPP gives the opportunity to really slap the status quo in the face by being an ally to the oppressed.

I really liked that image for some reason! The writer then went on to express that this was a capability that they'd never known they had, that they thought their "help wasn't wanted because of [their] privilege."

Considering that one of the take-aways we try to convey through RAPP is that we all experience oppression while also perpetuating it, I'm excited to know that someone was empowered to recognize their strength in fighting oppression specifically through the ways they are privileged.

(pic - the memory books of RAPP XXIV)

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