Friday, August 14, 2009

The Power of Talking

For our second year, we're digging into the data on how applicants found out about RAPP. For our second year (so far), it's word-of-mouth and information tables that are our most effective recruitment tools.

Info tables have slowed down for the moment - new student orientation is over for the summer and our campus is somewhat empty until Welcome Week. We'll hit over a dozen welcome events with information tables and applications.

In the meantime, word-of-mouth will continue to be our big focus. We're offering some reward for folks who help with this (see previous post).

There are things we can do to help the conversation happen, rather than just waiting for openings to happen. Here are a few ways to help spark conversation where you can spread the word about RAPP (we'll look at electronic word-of-mouth later):

  • Wear your RAPP t-shirt. The acronym and logo alone have started conversations for me. I can't begin to count how many times the quotes have sparked discussions.
  • Get and wear a RAPP button. Learn more about that HERE.
  • Get a RAPP flyer/postcard/poster and put it up. Hang it in your office, bedroom, home - wherever you hang out with people and talk about life.
  • Don't wait for it to come up. If you know students who like challenges, who like talking, who like learning about new things, who are looking to make friends, who are looking for new activities, who want to become leaders and/or activists - in other words, folks who might like RAPP - get in touch with them and tell them about RAPP and why you thought of them.
  • Share your success stories. If you've found a way of bringing up RAPP or getting people excited about it, let us know! Post it in the comments here, on our Facebook page, or email me and I'll spread the word.

A big thank you to everyone who's already working hard helping us get the next great group in!

(pic - from RAPP XXIV spring retreat, taken by Mia)

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