Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Each One Teach One

With all the interviews happening around our office this day, our personal definitions of different RAPP mottos are being discussed all over the place. The motto that has resonate most with me over the years is our original motto: Each One Teach One.
Between RAPP applicants, Facilitator candidates, and RAPPers talking about our meanings, I'm continually impressed by how much we can get out of those four words.
I decided to take a few minutes to dig around on-line and see who else uses this phrase. It's turning out to be a fun adventure.
First, when I typed "each o" into the Google search box, it completed the phrase fully as its first option. Wow! Apparently this is popular. The general Google search pulled up 24,500,000 results - then it froze up my Explorer (as it often does). The Google engine through the Dell homepage (which doesn't freeze up) pulled in 18,200,000 results.
Many groups that are working to fight injustice and build connections between people use Each One Teach One as a motto or name. Unsurprisingly, these are often educational groups. There's a Facebook and a MySpace user each with the name. Washington University in St. Louis's community service office bears the name. The one that surprised me, though, was the punk album.
I'd love to hear from you all what Each One Teach One means to you!

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